About Winnis Chiang

Winnis Chiang, founder and CEO of Parenting ABC, is a counselor, coach, consultant, writer and speaker. Never once took a psychology class in college, she has been studying human development and interactions all her life, starting with her extended family of origin in Hong Kong. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Winnis has fulfilled her true calling to equip pre-marital and married couples, parents, and their families using years of experience in high-tech management, church ministries, and non-profits.

Winnis holds B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley, and M.A. degree in Marriage, Family and Child counseling from Western Seminary.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, this international college student got married in the United States after
 only three months of dating. Both Winnis and her husband are "Oversea Born Chinese" (OBC).  Born in Taiwan, James immigrated to the USA with his parents when he was a teenager.  Their adult son is an "American Born Chinese" (ABC) born in the Silicon Valley. Winnis often uses her personal story to illustrate the amazing power of love, hope and faith that has transformed her life, relationships and careers.

Although Winnis has worked with a broad range of clients, now 90% of her clients have at least one Chinese American (some by  marriage, others by adoption) in the family. Because her marital relationship was at rock bottom when she and her husband argued about the up bringing of their only son, she is most passionate about helping couples who are finding the job of parenting a bit too overwhelming. Even when they both love their children, often times parents simply cannot agree on what to do. Most people do not realize that parenting conflicts can bring out the best of two people if they are willing to humble themselves and learn to communicate with each other constructively. That's why Winnis founded
Parenting ABC in 2005. Other than working with couples, Winnis also counsels their children (be they young kids, school-age children, teenagers or young adults) individually or in family therapy.

Winnis loves interacting with people. She has been leading and facilitating groups ever since her roles as chief programmer and software engineering manager in the high-tech world. After becoming a Christian in 1989, she has never stopped being in one or more fellowships and small groups. In 1994, Winnis and James co-founded a parent support group for parents and sponsored a youth group for their pre-teens and teenagers. And the rest is history!

Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Winnis is a sought-after speaker, workshop leader, trainer and consultant for workplace professionals, stay-at-home moms, churches, Chinese schools, retreats, conferences and conventions. She publishes a "Parenting ABC" [PABC] newsletters on couples, parenting, and other relationships.

In her spare time, she loves to read and write, sing and play piano, take walks and photos, and visit family and friends by herself or with her husband. Her biggest joy in life is serving with James and playing with her grandchildren!