Counseling and Therapy Details

Hello.  This is Winnis Chiang, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (California License # LMFT 39732) 
Thank you for contacting me to seek therapy for yourself and/or for someone you care about.  I will be glad to help if we can work out the logistics.  But first, let me tell you more about my services, fees and office policy so that you can decide whether you want to work with me.
I counsel individuals (adults, children and teenagers), couples (pre-marital and married), and families.  I help people with individual mood problems (e.g. depression and anxiety), lack of self-esteem and positive feelings, relationship problems, and habit addiction issues.
I meet with clients in Fremont and Cupertino by appointment only.  Please indicate your preferred location(s) and timeslot(s).
My fee for each 50-minute session is $180.   I do NOT have sliding scale.  For new clients, I require double sessions for initial meeting (see below for more details).  The 100-minute consultation will cost $360
My service is private pay ONLY.  I don't accept any insurance or EAP, and I don't take credit card. My clients pay using check or cash on the day of service.  If you have PPO, I will give monthly receipt (Super Bill) for reimbursement upon your request.  It's best to check with your insurance company FIRST to find out how much they would reimburse you per session.
This initial in-take and CONSULTATION meeting is with the ADULT(s) seeking therapy or setting up therapy for family members.
If you are seeking Individual Therapy as an adult, this initial meeting is for YOU.
For Couples Therapy, I meet with the married or pre-marital COUPLE together unless one person wants to meet individually just to explore strategies to invite your spouse or significant other to join you in couples therapy.
If you are seeking help for a MINOR (under age 18), this first meeting is for PARENTS ONLY. At the end of this first meeting, you and I will jointly decide whether it is best for me to help your son or daughter individually in Child and Adolescent Therapy, work with your child and you in Family Therapy, or work with the parents in Couples Therapy so that you can help your child directly.  Both parents have to sign the CONSENT for Minor before I take any child or teenager as client.
I cannot solve all problems for all people.  To help me understand your needs and evaluate whether we are a good match as therapist and client, I would like each adult seeking therapy to individually answers some questions.
1)  On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being "very important"), how important is your relationship with this person(s), whoever you'd like me to work with?
2)  What are the top 3 challenges you are facing that bother you the most?  When you lay your head on the pillow at night, what keeps you up? What wakes you up?  Be specific.
3)  How do these challenges impact your emotional, mental, relational and spiritual well being and daily functioning?  What is your priority of getting help and working on these issues?
4)  What recently occurred in your life, family or marriage that causes you to seek therapy at this time?  Please describe any recurring pattern.
5)  If therapy works, what would be the biggest resulting outcome?  Be specific.  In what areas would you see a difference?  What tangible pieces of evidence of result would you like to see?
6)  Will you (personally) be willing and able to accept the above terms and conditions to have you and/or your loved ones to become my client?
How to leave Winnis your answers?
You may give me the answers of the above questions in one of two ways:
a) By Phone:  Leave answers and additional information at my private & confidential voicemail 925-806-8600 in Mandarin, Cantonese, or English. 
b) Online: Visit my website and use the menu tab to REGISTER by choosing your own username and password.
Once I approve your registration, you will have a private and confidential client portal (for potential or active client) to communicate with me without putting personal information onto e-mails.  There will be a form under FORM menu for you to enter your answers to the BEFORE WE MEET questions. You may also use MYLOGS to ask questions or provide more info.
It is courageous to seek professional help and invest in therapy.  Please clarify your goals and understand the financial investment before hiring me as a therapist.
Leaving answers for the above questions at 925-806-8600 (with your name and cell phone number) or filling out the FORM online only signals that you are willing to seek professional help and want to know if we are a good fit.  I will keep everything confidential, not sharing it with anyone without your signed written release.
To start therapy, it is important for you to allocate 100 minutes to meet.  The initial meeting will cost $360.  Which location, day of week and time of day do you prefer?  Are you willing to get onto my waiting list?
P.S.  Please note that the confidentiality of electronic mail cannot be guaranteed.  Email is not appropriate method of receiving crisis or mental health services.  If anyone has life-threatening crisis, please call 911 or a local crisis line (Santa Clara County Crisis Line: 1-855-278-4204, Alameda County Crisis Line: 1-800-309-2131)