Communicate Effectively and Constructively to Turn Your Life and Family Around!

Do you believe in Jesus, but still feel dissatisfied with how you live out your new life in practical ways? Are you looking for breakthrough in relationships?
Do you often feel frustrated not getting along with certain family member(s)?
Are you discouraged that you are not enjoying the time you have together?

Do you yearn to follow Christ and "love one another" but still found yourself repeating old patterns of relating that bring hurt instead of help?

You're not alone! I've helped thousands of individuals, couples and families to repair and rebuild relationships starting with the simple strategies revealed in this Free Relationship Building Communication Report!

This "Say It! Hear It!" English-Chinese Special Report will help you begin to:

  • Connect with people you love by creating an atmosphere of getting along instead of constant conflicts.
  • Change failed communication patterns so nobody (including you!) feels hurt or left out.
  • Give them the confidence that you really care so they will say "yes" to talking with you and listening to you.
  • Integrate essential communication elements to create ongoing mutual understanding, trust and support so that you could face inevitable challenges of life together as a team.
  • Build an emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy family even though you didn't have such experience growing up.

There is hope, help and healing in Christ. You may opt-in for this Special Report and subscribe to my newsletters with inspiration, encouragement and practical tips on faith and family.  You may also schedule a discovery call with me via the following button when time becomes available:

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"Thank you Winnis for your help and care in my most difficult time, l was so lucky to find you. I enjoy reading your articles, please keep writing!"
"Mrs. Chiang has spoken at our church's retreat and online workshops. I have learned so much from her teaching, her experience of how God has led her, and many very practical skills for daily life."
"Thank you again for the wonderful insight about parenting. My daughter is a new mom. I will forward this to her."



Say It! Hear It! Special Report

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